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519-B Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30068 United States 


Enjoy the tranquil setting of an authentic Thai spa, melting away stress & tension with services by a highly skilled, licensed massage therapist. We offer a variety of modalities ranging from therapeutic massages to facials, private yoga sessions, and self-awareness training.  
To deepen the connection of mind, body and spirit, experience our Royal Thai Sen Massage. This unique fusion of meditation, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, along with deep tissue and ancient massage techniques, includes gentle stretching and rhythmic pressure. Our Sensational Thai Herbal Compress massage combines the use of heat, herbs, aromatherapy, as well as therapuetic massage to reduce muscle tension, and stimulate the senses.
Our Hot Stone massage, places heated basalt stones of varying sizes along the spine. These stones become effective tools to deliver deep tissue relaxation. Our Lymphatic Drainage/Post Mastectomy therapy stimulates lymph drainage, increasing the body's natural healing abilities. Essential oils are customized to arouse the senses during our Essential Aromatherapy massage. Nine different essential oils are applied to the feet, then dropped onto the spine in a raindrop fashion in our Raindrop Technique massage.
For both a corrective and therapeutic service, clients can experience stress and pain relief with full-body neuromuscular therapy and deep kneading in our Signature Sen Deep Tissue massage. For those who "never have time", we recommend our Back & Shoulder Trigger-Point session, offering a quick, yet therapeutic service for the neck, upper and lower back. Our ability to use various modalities brings supportive healing to the body, while calming the mind.
Reiki Healing massage is used to create a sense of well-being, while promoting harmony for the mind, body and soul with a certified Reiki Master. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key), is an ancient healing art known to reduce pain, and lower response to stress. We also offer Prenatal & Postnatal massage with our specially trained staff to reduce the aches and discomforts, promoting a happy, healthy pregnancy. Allow stress to float away in our tranquil garden while targeting pressure points in the feet and legs with our Sen Garden Reflexology treatment. For facial enthusiasts, enjoy a beautifying facial using organic ingredients, along with gentle massage of the face and neck, to pamper your skin in luxury.
Happiness is best when shared with those you love. Experience an intimate Couples Massage, or perhaps Bridal Parties, Ladies’ Nights and Private Parties. Discounted series, or customized spa packages available.
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