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10 Ways to De-Stress and Increase Workplace Wellness

With many of us spending more time in the office than anywhere else in our lives, it"s important to do what you can to make the most of your office time - whether it be through developing relationships, managing your stress, or exercising at your desk. A healthy workplace plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy state of mind - and body. We love the handy little book "Office Yoga, Simple Stretches for Busy People", by Darrin Zeer. From desk stretches, to meditative re-grouping, here are 10 tips on how to make your time at the office more about stress-free productivity than aches and pains caused by stress. Easy and quick to do, fit them in every day to make work as healthy as possible.
Office Yoga
These relaxation stretches can be done from your office chair!
Human Basketball Net:
  • Raise your arms straight above your head and interlace your fingers.
  • Alternate palms downward and upward, stretch, and breathe.
  • Stretch your arms out in front and relax your shoulders.
Arm Pulls:
  • Bend left arm above and behind your head.
  • Grab your elbow with your right hand and stretch up.
  • Breathe and let shoulders relax. Repeat with other arm.
Neck Rolls
  • Drop your head to one side.
  • Roll it around in a wide circle; switch directions.
  • Slowly find the tight spots. Hold and breathe, letting your breath release the tightness.
  • Extra stretch: Place a hand on your head, and gently pull to the side.
Keyboard Calisthenics
  • With hands in prayer position, move in all directions and stretch.
  • Squeeze fists tight.
  • Stretch fingers wide.
  • Interlace fingers and rotate hands.
  • Invent stretches that feel good.
  • Make it a habit - constantly stretch your hands and wrists.
Office Order
Email Meditation: While you are reading your email, remember to breathe slowly and focus your attention on your breath. Make the exhale two times longer than the inhale. This will immediately calm you. To Do Today: Maintain a current to-do list by the day, week, month and future. Clean it Out: Mess can equal stress, so clean out your desk, hard drive, briefcase, car, everything.
DIY Spa at the Office
Natural Facelift
  • Pretend to chew a large piece of gum up and down and side to side, mouth open.
  • Squeeze your eyes shut and lift your eyebrows up and down.
  • Massage your cheekbones, forehead, and temples with your fingers and knuckles.
  • Knead your eyebrows with your fingertips.
  • Make sure shoulders are relaxed.
Headache Solution
  • Place index fingers in the middle of and just above each eyebrow, press with your fingers and hold. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Place both hands on your shoulders and neck.
  • Squeeze with your fingers and palms.
  • Rub vigorously. Keep shoulders relaxed.

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