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Mandarin Oriental Hotels & Spa


The Group began with the opening of its flagship property, The Mandarin, in Hong Kong in 1963, which soon enjoyed an enviable reputation for luxurious service. In 1974, Mandarin International Hotels Limited was formed as a hotel management company. The Group"s intention was to expand into Asia and operate hotels that would reflect the standard of service synonymous with their property in Hong Kong.

In 1974, the company"s hotel interests expanded further through the acquisition of a 49 percent interest in The Oriental, Bangkok. The Oriental was already a legendary property and acknowledged as one of the world"s great hotels. Through the management of both The Mandarin in Hong Kong and The Oriental, Bangkok, the Group was in an unusual position of having two "flagship" hotels whose names represented the best in hospitality.

In 1985, the Company changed its corporate structure by combining these two prestigious properties under a common name, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. In 1987, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group was floated on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under the name of Mandarin Oriental International Limited with a net asset value of $277 million.

Brand Philosophy


The graceful logo that defines the spa concept depicts an image of an individual in a meditative state holding a fan.


The Group is focused on expanding its global presence as well as increasing the appeal of its hotels, particularly to the sophisticated leisure traveller, with new brand-defining services and amenities. These include the luxurious and holistic Spas at Mandarin Oriental, the "Hideaway Resorts", award-winning restaurants and bars, and highly sophisticated guest entertainment systems.

Spa Philosophy:

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group continues with the development of its award-winning and highly personalised urban resort and destination spa product - The Spa at Mandarin Oriental. The Group has created all-encompassing spa experiences in the majority of its existing properties, with highly sophisticated spa offerings under development at all of the new hotels in the Group"s upcoming portfolio.

The creation of luxury spas within the Group"s highly individual collection of hotels is a strategic step in the growth of the Mandarin Oriental brand. Each Spa at Mandarin Oriental is designed to offer a complete holistic experience that goes well beyond simply delivering massages to tired bodies. The signature "Time Ritual" encourages guests to book time rather than specific treatments, allowing each client to enjoy a tailor-made experience. All sessions begin with a healing reflexology foot ritual. The Mandarin Oriental spa experience is designed to inspire guests towards lifestyle improvements and the experiences draw on the Group"s origins. Treatments are conducted in an environment that delights all senses, under the guidance of a trained team of therapists who have been thoroughly educated in the art of wellness and are dedicated to serving guests" individual needs.

Mandarin Oriental has also introduced a signature spa line that includes clothing, aromatherapy-based body and bath oils, tea infusions, and an Asian-inspired CD collection - all of which are designed to encourage guests to continue the well-being process at home. All merchandise has been specifically formulated to reflect Mandarin Oriental"s holistic spa philosophy and are presented in the Group"s distinctive branded packaging.

There is also a focus on providing mind-body-spirit rituals such as shiatsu, Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, and Thai massage - all of which are rooted in Asian custom. Sophisticated and varied water-based treatments are offered that reflect the true genesis of the word "spa" or "Sanus Per Aqua". Each spa also provides a variety of other disciplines that may include fitness options, nutrition counselling, yoga, meditation, and beauty and relaxation therapies. One element in the program of all new spas is the creation of thermal areas that all guests are invited to enjoy as part of their spa journey. These have been developed from traditional bathing cultures in the Middle East (hammam) and Europe (Kneipp bath and saunas).

Spa Design:

In the belief that our surroundings contribute to our state of mind, emphasis is put on the design of spa spaces that cultivate a sense of tranquility. This is reflected in a number of ways. Each of the Group"s new spas is developed at a minimum of 15,000 square feet. All are rooted in the principles of Zen, with pure and fluid spaces that make use of textural materials and Asian artworks.

In addition, every Spa at Mandarin Oriental has been designed to display a distinct sense of place, while Asian touches provide a powerful connection to the Group"s heritage. Mandarin Oriental also offers the unique service of a spa concierge in order to assist guests in addressing health issues through spa therapies. It is hoped that the relationship between client and concierge will contribute to a spa environment of learning and exchange.

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