What is CrossFit?

“It’s for bodybuilders…it’s a boot camp…it’s cultish.” Forget what you’ve heard about CrossFit and listen up! At its most basic, CrossFit is a form of exercise designed around making you proficient at functional movements, or movements most applicable to everyday life; it’s truly for everyone. The intensity is what gets strength and long-term cardio results—essentially making you better at any activity. CrossFit gyms are all independently owned and operated, so start by locating a few in your area.

Types of crossfit

Know Before You Go

A good CrossFit gym will assess your fitness level and tailor the workout to you. In one hour-long class, you can expect a warm up, a strength or skill movement that focuses on proper technique, and an eight to 20-minute workout that’s based on intensity, such as a series of lifts and plyometric moves, or super-fast moves to bring your workout up a notch.