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  • Keratin

    How To Get Priyanka’s Amazing Mane
    Revitalize sun damaged hair by infusing it with nutrients and minerals. Hair salons now offer Botox for the hair and Organic Keratin treatments.
  • Spray Tanning

    Meghan Markle’s Sun-Kissed Look
    A well applied spray tan makes for a great healthy glow during the winter. Nowadays, it is easy to find a specialist that can provide your desired color.
  • Hyperpigmentation

    Flawless Skin a la Miranda Kerr
    The summer has ended and you might have a few sun spots. Laser treatments are the most effective options to treat hyperpigmentation.

  • Microblading

    Cindy Crawford’s Stunning Eyebrows
    Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment and lasts 1-3 years depending on your skin tone. It involves using a hand tool with tiny needles and pigment.
  • Hair Extensions

    J Lo’s Never-Ending Locks
    Hair extensions can be applied with tape and/or clips. Tapes are adjusted every few months and reduce the tangling that often occurs with clips.