Explore the mineral waters, mud baths and rich spa heritage of Germany. City spa break or rejuvenating countryside retreat – the choice is yours with a German spa holiday.

Why take your spa break in Germany?

  • Wonderment, Luxury & Natural Beauty

    Explore the Black Forest

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Black Forest with a spa break in Germany. Renowned for its natural beauty, the Black Forest promises bright mountain tops, spectacular views and romantic valleys for you to explore. If you are looking for more than just luxury on a spa break to Germany, then a stay at 5 star luxury Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is a must – gracefully weaving beauty, fitness and culinary delights all into one.

  • The Famous “Kneipp Cure”

    You’re Hot, Then You’re Cold

    German priest Sebastian Kneipp invented a method whereby the body is exposed to water of alternating hot and cold temperature. This exposure is thought to improve the immune system and circulation, plus promotes rejuvenation. Many spas in Germany offer such treatments, typically with guests moving from hot and cold baths themselves.

  • Take It All Off… Or Not

    German Spas & Nudity

    If you haven’t been to a spa in Germany before, you may be shocked to find that many spa goers bathe in the nude. If you can get over your initial embarrassment, embrace the situation – bathing in the nude with total strangers can be incredibly fun and liberating! If anything, it makes for a great spa holiday story.

Best Spa Breaks in Germany

Germany is a great location for a spa break; visit the many treasures of this great European destination. Cologne with its rich 2000-year old history, admire the Azure skies, medieval villages and Bavarian beerhouses in the south or enjoy exploring the hustle & bustle of Berlin. Wherever you go a spa break in Germany offers a memorable mix of beautiful countryside & vibrant culture.

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