Our London Marathon Support Guide hopes to inspire athletes in the last few weeks running up to your race. Join us as we count down to the big day.

Why make a spa visit part of your London Marathon training plan?

  • Run-up & recovery

    Taking care of you

    If you are taking part in this year’s London Marathon you are probably quite confident in your training plan so far. But have you thought about your post-marathon self? Taking care of your body not only after the race but leading up to it is monumental in terms of your recovery time. Let our page do the talking as we offer you some last minute advice.

Best spas for post-training treats

Do you have a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card? Are you experiencing fatigue or aching muscles? Imagine enjoying a relaxing massage post-training at one of our hand-picked spa partners.

Editors picks: Post-marathon pampering, spa days & spa breaks

No need to dream, book a special offer at one of these fantastic spas for yourself or a loved one post-marathon.

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  • The perfect massage for runners & the benefits

    Insight into a first time experience of sports massage, as our intrepid spa explorer trains for the London Marathon – could this be the answer to your race recovery too?

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