Working Towards Wellness: 8 Corporate Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are all about utilizing ways to motivate people to live a healthier and more wholesome life both in and out of a work environment. These eight wellness retreats go above and beyond in offering the most unique ways for corporate groups to find an ideal state of wellbeing through fitness classes, health tutorials, rejuvenating spa treatments, and so much more!

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

Pritikin’s corporate retreats are uniquely designed, and length of stay can range anywhere from three days to two weeks. On the retreat, companies can receive physicals and consultations with Pritikin’s board-certified physicians, partake in interactive workshops on nutrition, heart health, and stress-management, enjoy fitness training, and feast on healthful and delicious high-energy meals and snacks throughout each day! There is also a 110,000-square-foot conference facility available for conferences.


Menla is a mountain retreat nestled in a 320-acre natural forest preserve in the Catskills and embodies spiritual tranquility and exquisiteness. The retreat is the perfect setting to conduct mid-sized conferences within any of its various meeting facilities, including the Kessler Yoga Studio, where groups can engage in a wonderful healing experience through yoga, meditation, or movement workshops!

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa

This luxury wellness retreat is dedicated to highly personalized service. The spa offers an all-inclusive program of fitness, healthy and delicious cuisine, as well as therapeutic treatments and every program is customized for each individual participant! Cal-A-Vie promotes an effective and constructive environment for business meetings and is the perfect place for all types of corporate and organizational retreats! With its breathtaking surroundings, tranquility, and peacefulness, corporate groups are sure to get mindfully stimulated and inspired!

Wellness Springs

Wellness Springs offers incredible corporate wellness programs specifically designed to meet the needs of employees and the targeted health goals of any company. Their all-encompassing health services and classes can be customized for individuals or very large groups. Services include stress management with stress evaluations, meditation, and Chi movement classes, massage sessions, mindful eating, group or private stretching classes, yoga and relaxation, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and so much more!

Westglow Resort & Spa

Westglow presents contemporary meeting facilities, resort amenities, and deluxe accommodations for executive clients and groups. Individualized packages for a variety of corporate meetings and retreats are on offer, such as team-building retreats, executive strategy sessions, strategic planning conferences, profit and non-profit board meetings, and so much more! Westglow is furthering its accommodations in terms of ultimate health and wellness by offering scenic hiking, therapeutic spa treatments, fine dining, fitness classes, and various other athletic activities for all clients to enjoy!

Canyon Ranch

The ideal corporate retreat is at Canyon Ranch, which leads your team to a location of new possibilities, clear thinking, and rejuvenated excitement! The scenery, courteous accommodations, nutritious dining, remarkable facilities, and abundant amenities assure any team a disturbance-free meeting that produces awesome results for groups up to 80 people!

The all-inclusive corporate experience in Tucson provides deluxe accommodations, three gourmet meals and healthful snacks each day, access to spa facilities, as well as access to several fitness and creative art classes, nutrition and life-management activities including stress-management, personal and group goal-setting, team building, and healthy life and work balance techniques!

Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain offers an exquisite array of options that can be tailored to fit any corporate group. The resort’s Conference Center has a stunning view and holds roughly 10,000 square-feet of event space. Red Mountain also provides various indoor and outdoor adventures and team building activities that encourage groups to rejuvenate themselves, boost their fortitude together, and most importantly, relax! There’s hiking and kayaking, boot camp, nutritious and healthful cooking classes, spa tapas, and hand massages on offer!

The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu

The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu is an all-inclusive wellness and fitness destination program committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching an enhanced sense of mental and physical clarity. In the destination’s one-week intensive program at its “luxury bootcamp,” groups can extend physical endurance, lose a few pounds, tone up and detoxify in a healthy and maintainable way… all while escaping the work grind and getting in touch with nature!