Spa Experience & Etiquette Guides

Everybody can Spa in their own way. Whether it’s ultimate pampering or pure relaxation. Whether you crave a more beautiful version of you on the outside or an equally exalted sense of well-being on the inside. Spafinder and our elite spa destinations are likely to have just what you’re after. Delve into the perfect treatments for brides, moms, best friends and men.

Spa Nudity

Nudity Spa Guide
Spa nudity etiquette is becoming less of a problem as spa travel increases around the world. Spas, in their endeavor to attract an international demographic of visitors, make an effort for all to be comfortable. So attention is being paid to communicating policies clearly, giving options and anticipating that many people will have questions and are used to different customs.

Bachelorette Parties

Read Spafinder’s helpful tips for planning a bachelorette party in the spa. From whether to make it a daytime or evening affair, to the perfect number of friends to bring, our Bachelorette Spa Guide has everything you need.

Men’s Spa Guide

Some men find the spa nerve-wracking, intimidating and even embarassing – but we want to put their minds to rest! The spa helps men de-stress, relax and recharge their batteries. We dispel common concerns with our Men’s Spa Guide.

Pregnancy Spa Guide

Mums-to-be can benefit so much from regular spa visits – but there are certain treatments and areas of the spa to avoid. Learn about how to enjoy a safe & relaxing spa visit with our Pregnancy Spa Guide.

Bridal Spa Guide

Discover which spa treatments are best for brides, how to prepare for your big day, common beauty disasters, plus whether or not to take your fiancé to the spa with our Bridal Spa Guide.

Detox Spa Guide

Spa breaks have the power to be life-changing. Expert detox programs and world-class medical spas can help you address health & emotional issues and put you on the path to a healthier self. Eliminate harmful toxins and learn how to optimize your health at these escapes. Spafinder takes the guesswork out of finding your ideal cleansing spa break.

Weight Loss Spa Guide

Self-care starts here. Learn sustainable nutritional and physical habits to continue once you return home. From personal training, to nutritional counseling, to week long retreats- you’ll reset and renew your commitment to self-care and well-being with Spafinder. Show up for yourself to show up for others. That’s what self-care is all about. Love the Skin You’re In– today, tomorrow and every day.

Luxury Spa Guide

A luxury spa break is a pause from the everyday. Enjoy world class spa treatments, unique locations, superb hospitality – transport yourself to another world with a supremely luxurious getaway. Discover your perfect LUXURY spa break with Spafinder!

Spa For Golfers

Golfers take note! These getaway resorts blend championship courses with top-level spas, fine dining, luxurious accommodations, and an array of recreational opportunities to create a perfect destination for a golf-enthusiast. Hit the links and then head to the spa to sooth your muscles – these golf and spa properties will fit you to a tee.

Relaxation Spa Guide

Reconnect with a relaxation escape. Healthy cuisine, idyllic locations and luxurious treatments combine to deliver relaxation, a detox and utter realignment. Reset at these great spas.

Fitness Spa Guide

Fit and Healthy starts today. Activity comes in many shapes and sizes. Embrace movement, get your blood flowing, breath in nature and simply explore the outdoors. Spa breaks combine the relaxation and tranquillity of a wellness retreat with an active element, such as yoga, zip-lining, Pilates, hiking and more. You’ll feel relaxed, energized, fit and strong.

Pet Friendly Spa Guide

Pets are part of the family, and for many pet owners the thought of leaving our beloved friends behind is not an option. Here are some of our favorite resorts, spas and hotels known to welcome furry companions.