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Redeeming Spafinder Multi-use & Single-use Gift Cards

Swipe the Multi-use gift card through your POS system OR Manually hand key the eGift card number.

Enter the transaction amount.

Your POS automatically debits the charge from the amount on the gift card.

You receive payment within 2 business days.

If there is a balance on the card, simply return it to the customer, and they can use the remainder next time they visit.

There are online, mobile and phone redemption options for your convenience.
Complete redemption instructions and guidelines are always available on the business partner log-in portal


1. Login into the partner dashboard
2. Enter your User Name and Password
3. Under Redemption: Enter Gift Card Number and Face Value or PIN


1. Call:877.803.0684
2. Enter your Spafinder Account ID Number or the telephone number associated with your account
3. To redeem the Gift Card, Press 1OR For balance inquiry,8 Press 2.
4. Enter Gift Card Number and Face Value or PIN

After a Single-Use Spafinder Gift Card is redeemed via the Partner Portal, Spafinder will send a check/direct deposit for the reimbursement amount to your business within 7-10 business days.

After a Multi-Use Spafinder Gift Card is redeemed via your point-of-sale system, you will receive payment through your credit card processor. You can view the different types of gift cards we offer and how to redeem each of them here. On your statement, it will be listed “Private Label” . This is similar to how you see other product types: Visa Signature, Visa Debit etc.

Please check with the individual location at the time you make a reservation, as this is a decision made by partnering properties at their own discretion.

If you have questions about a gift card you possess, please click here to send us a note, and we will respond promptly.

Multi-Use Card

If you have a Multi-Use card, and you wish to speak to a specialist, you may phone us at 855-521-1743.

Single-Use Card

For issues with your Single-Use card, access our Interactive Voice Recording at 800-255-7727.

Customer Support business hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET, 7 days a week.

General Gift Card Questions

Of course! Accepting Spafinder gift cards will only increase your overall business.

The SpaWish Gift Card program is a division of Spafinder that targets savvy young men and women interested in spas, salons, beauty and more! Accept and redeem SpaWish Gift Cards, eGift Cards and Certificates exactly like standard Spafinder Gift Cards. The same redemption fee and payment schedule applies.

The Wellness 365 by Spafinder Gift Card program is a division of Spafinder that powers rewards and incentives for employees to manage stress and live healthier and happier lives! Accept and redeem Wellness 365 by Spafinder Gift Cards and eGift Cards exactly like standard Spafinder Gift Cards. The same redemption fee and payment schedule applies.

This varies depending on your level of partnership, season, location and other factors. If you are interested in optimizing your business and online exposure, contact your dedicated account manager to explore our wide range of sales and advertising platforms. It is important to remember that most of the business you will receive from Spafinder will come from people who see your listing on our website/online directory, and they may not necessarily come in with a gift card or mention us as a source. We do not receive any commission from this type of referral—just the satisfaction of knowing we’re helping your business grow!

All of our legacy, “single-use” gift cards and certificates are “single use only,” so they must be surrendered to you at point-of-sale.

These single-use gift cards are issued in a clearly stated dollar amount. You may accept our gift cards for services, accommodations or products equivalent to the dollar amount, and the customer is responsible for paying the difference in cost.

Partners accepting all of our branded cards (Spafinder, SpaWish and Wellness 365 by Spafinder) receive 100% of the amount spent beyond the face value.

If the full balance of our gift card is not completely used, issue your own store credit or gift certificate/card.




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Spafinder delivers massage, relaxation and happiness to gift card recipients everywhere. Be the best gift giver ever with a Spafinder Gift Card. These cards can be used at local boutiques, medi-spas and if you want to gift the ultimate destination giveaway, we work with amazing brands like Miraval, Camelback Sanctuary, Eau Spa in Palm Beach []