Partners FAQs

Benefits of Joining Our Partner Program

What are the benefits of joining the Spafinder Partner Program?
  • Boost your online and mobile presence with a full feature profile listing on the number-one most trafficked site for spa and wellness*.
  • Benefit from our online marketing expertise through paid and organic search to drive new customers through your doors
  • Acquire new customers: 34 percent of new spa activity results from gift cards/certificates.**
  • Increase your distribution: Our gift cards are sold via 70,000 retail and online locations, as well as via corporate partnerships (American Express Membership Rewards, American Airlines, etc.).
  • Access our yield management tools such as special offers.
  • Easy online redemptions and reporting: online, mobile and phone options available.
  • Join the world’s largest spa network. For over 26 years, we have been a recognized leader in spa marketing, gifting and media, as well as a trusted resource for consumers.
Are there any set-up or recurring fees?

Day Spas, Fitness Locations, Wellness Centers & Practitioners: There is no set-up charge. The cost of a Standard Listing is $10 + tax per month and an Enhanced Listing is $79 + tax per month, billed monthly to your credit card. Whether you list with a Standard or Enhanced profile, you receive 80% on gift cards redeemed. See our information page for more details..

What if I have more questions? [Phone]

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Redeeming All Forms of Our Gift Cards

How do Spafinder Gift Card, eGift Card or Certificate redemptions work?
Spafinder has a new, Rebranded Flexible Card with a new and much simpler process for faster and easier redemptions. The new card has an updated Spafinder logo and looks just like a credit card with no denomination visible. It couldn't be simpler or easier to use for you and your customers and works like this:
  • Customers present a new Spafinder Gift Card
  • Swipe the new gift card through your POS system
  • Enter the transaction amount
  • Your POS automatically debits the charge from the amount on the gift card
  • You receive payment within 2 business days
If there is a balance on the card, simply return it to the customer and she can use the remainder next time she visits. For full details about how you can join the Flexible Card program, visit our Card Setup Page.

If your customer is still using one of our legacy, single-value cards, it works like this:
  • A customer comes to your business with a Spafinder Gift Card, eGift Card or Certificate which clearly states a dollar amount on its face. This is how you know its one of our legacy cards
  • You accept the gift card, eGift card or certificate—as cash—for services or products equivalent to the dollar amount (face value) and the customer is responsible for the cost above card amount
  • If the full balance of the gift card/certificate is not completely used, you issue a store credit or gift certificate from your location
  • Finally, redeem the gift card, eGift card or certificate, and you will receive a deposit into your business account or check for the dollar amount, less the marketing fee that is outlined in your plan. Please allow 7-10 business days for this payment to occur
What is the New Rebranded Flexible Spafinder card?
Spafinder is updating its brand and its technology with a new Flexible Gift Card that acts just like a credit card and makes redeeming a gift at your location faster and easier. For full details about how to join the program, visit our Card Setup Page.
How do I redeem a Spafinder Gift Card, eGift Card or Certificate?

There are online, mobile and phone redemption options for your convenience.

Complete redemption instructions and guidelines are always available on the business partner log-in portal.  You may download and print the complete instructions for gift card & certificate or eGift card redemptions. To view the pdf, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

Also, be sure to download our Partner Redemption mobile app for fast and easy redemptions using an iPhone or Android device.

How will I receive payment from Spafinder?

After a single-use Spafinder gift card is redeemed via the Partner Portal, Spafinder will send a check for the reimbursement amount to your business. You may also set up direct deposit by returning the completed form via email to After a multi-use Spafinder gift card is redeemed via your point-of-sale system, you will receive payment through your credit card processor. You can view the different types of gift cards we offer and how to redeem each of them here.

What if I have more questions? [Phone]

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More Partner Program Details

How long will it take to process my enrollment?

Please allow up to one week from the time we receive your request.

What are the differences between a Standard and Enhanced profile listing?

To learn more about the different profile listings, visit our Informational Page

How do I UPGRADE my listing from ?

Please contact and our account managers will be happy to take care of this.

What am I agreeing to by enrolling in the Partner Program?

By enrolling online, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Partner Program Agreement.

How do I opt out?
  • Standard & Enhanced Listings: The program is risk free, as you can leave at any time with 30 days' written notice. Enhanced Listing profiles also have the option of continuing as a Standard Listing moving forward.To opt out, please send a termination request to Once your Spafinder listing is removed, you are required to continue to accept Spafinder Gift Cards for 30 days (in order to prevent customer service issues.) After this grace period, no further cards will be processed or redeemed.
How can I enroll in the Spafinder Wellness Partner Program?

You can enroll quickly and easily online: Enroll Now.

What if I have more questions? [Phone]

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General Gift Card Questions

May I still continue with my own gift card or certificate program?

Of course! We only hope that Spafinder Wellness 365 will increase your overall business.

What if a customer comes in with a SpaWish Gift Card, eGift Card or Certificate?

The SpaWish Gift Card program is a division of Spafinder Wellness that targets savvy young men and women interested in spas, salons, beauty and more! Accept and redeem SpaWish Gift Cards, eGift Cards and Certificates exactly like standard Spafinder Wellness 365™ Gift Cards. The same redemption fee and payment schedule applies.

What if a customer comes in with a Wellness 365™ by Spafinder Gift Card or eGift Card?

The Wellness 365 by Spafinder Gift Card program is a division of Spafinder Wellness that powers rewards and incentives for employees to manage stress and live healthier and happier lives! Accept and redeem Wellness 365 by Spafinder Gift Cards and eGift Cards exactly like standard Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards. The same redemption fee and payment schedule applies.

How many Spafinder Gift Cards, eGift Cards or Certificates might I expect to see in a month?

This varies depending on your level of partnership, season, location and other factors. If you are interested in optimizing your business and online exposure, contact your dedicated account manager to explore our wide range of sales and advertising platforms. It is important to remember that most of the business you will receive from Spafinder will come from people who see your listing on our website/online directory, and they may not necessarily come in with a gift card or mention us as a source. We do not receive any commission from this type of referral—just the satisfaction of knowing we're helping your business grow!

Every day we receive positive client testimonials like this one from a new partner in Florida: "I would like to let you know what a great response we have received from our listing on your website. Within two days we had two telephone inquiries and an out-of-state gift certificate purchase for a spa package. Within two weeks we had full books on the weekend, and everyone had found us through Spafinder Wellness 365™.”

What if a customer comes in with a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card, eGift Card or Certificate for a dollar amount that doesn't match the exact price of our services?
  • All of our gift cards and certificates are “single use only” so they must be surrendered to you at point-of-sale.
  • Our gift cards are issued in a clearly stated dollar amount. You may accept our gift cards for services, accommodations or products equivalent to the dollar amount and the customer is responsible for paying the difference in cost.
  • Partners accepting all of our branded cards (Spafinder Wellness 365, SpaWish and Wellness 365 by Spafinder) receive 100% of the amount spent beyond the face value. In fact, you will benefit from additional incremental revenue: The majority (68%) of respondents report that gift certificate redeemers consistently spend more than the face amount of their original certificate.*
  • If the full balance of our gift card is not completely used, issue your own store credit or gift certificate/card.
What if I have more questions? [Phone]

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