Body Scrubs

Dry Brushing

A soft-bristled brush, loofah sponge, or silk mitten used in a circular motion in order to remove outer layers of the skin and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone.

Fruit Scrub

Fruit scrubs incorporate any number of fruit-based ingredients, tropical and otherwise, and may be designed to address various skin care needs.

Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are a popular way to stimulate skin circulation and get rid of dry, dead skin cells. Therapists often extol salt scrubs because of their cleansing properties. This treatment is also often used to prepare the skin for other services such as massage or hydrotherapy. A refreshing Vichy shower is a common way to wrap up the experience.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are formulated with a combination of sugar, oils, and aromatic scents, and are designed to exfoliate, cleanse, and smooth skin in similar fashion to the salt scrub.