Cal-a-Vie Spa Guests’ Refrain, “Lucky Me”

4 thoughts on “Cal-a-Vie Spa Guests’ Refrain, “Lucky Me”

  1. Liz Hill

    Ooooh, on my next visit to L.A., I’ll have to make a day trip to Cal-a-Vie. I have a question, and this is kind of off-topic, sorry, but do you know of any discounts or perks on spas in Michigan? I just bought a Jaguar and they gave me all these benefits (from hotels, airlines, Donna Karan, etc., they list them all on, btw, in case you drive a jag :) and one of the benefits was for Kinara Spa, but I believe it’s only good at the actual spa in Hollywood, not online. So, just throwing it out there if you run across any good spas or special spa offers in the Detroit area.

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Hi Liz,
      Sounds like maybe you need to head out to California in your new jag! You can spend some time in LA shopping, visit the Kinara Day Spa which is great and then drive down to Cal-a-Vie and check in for a week. Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

      Re discounts and perks in Michigan…you can do a quick search by state on and you will get this list of day spas. and this list of stay spas.

      Have fun!

  2. Jane

    Liz, you definitely need to visit Kinara Spa for yourself. I looked at, you are one lucky girl! A savings of $500 at Kinara?! i agree with Susie, you should drive that shiny new Jag out to Cali and redeem those benefits! Plus, I saw on the website a couple of hotel deals in California that you could use while you’re there. Live it up girl!


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