During times of grief, can there be help at a spa?

12 thoughts on “During times of grief, can there be help at a spa?

  1. Anonymous

    I too lost my best friend. Not from suicide but from a long, painful, illness. May I suggest what I do. Gather all her “best friends” and honor her for an evening or a retreat every year of her date of departure. That in itself brings her alive and adds to the joy of knowing her. It’s nine years now, and I look forward to “being with her” every year.

    Thanks for your blog. It really helps. Also, I’m so sorry for your sorrow.

  2. Mia Kyricos

    What a bittersweet blog, but kudos to Susie and Lauren for taking personal grief and transforming it into something that can benefit others. And thanks to Michael Tompkins of Miraval for recognizing the opportunity to increase the wellness of those touched by suicide. I’m sure it will be a truly inspiring event… well done!

  3. Kelly Shaw

    As I read the blog and the subject revealed itself to me my heart skipped a beat and I got that sick feeling inside again. It’s been two years since my best friend took her life and still it seems unreal. I think the gathering of like minded souls who have all experienced such tremendous loss is a positive step and Miraval the perfect location.

    I share your sorrow for your friend but also take comfort that I am not alone in my grief.

  4. Deb Hufford-Behan

    Hi Susie,

    So sorry about your good friend! It must have been devastating to go through something like that.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog and have enjoyed keeping up with you even though it’s been more than 10 years since we have seen each other. You will be missed next month at Medici’s but I am sure that you have to make the ultimate sacrifice and go to Bali. I haven’t seen a response from Katrine. Will she make it to Normal?

    You now have my email address. Drop me a note sometime!

    All the best,
    Deb Hufford-Behan

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