In Florida Accepting the ISPA Visionary Award

29 thoughts on “In Florida Accepting the ISPA Visionary Award

  1. Deborah A. Smith

    Susie, congratulations on receiving this very special award, you deserve every bit of it! Your contributions to the industry, especially via the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, have been incredible. Thank YOU. — Deborah

  2. Elaine Sauer

    Dear Susie,

    I just read your email below and I have shivers! or goosebumps…. What a great acknowlegement for your work and dedication to the industry. I am sure I can speak for many in the industry who read your column regularly & wish you continued success.

    I love the feature about Pete! What a guy. I remember the first time I was invited to a suite in Vegas you both were hosting with Mary Tabacchi from Cornell, that was a very fond memory of one of my favorite ISPA events and I have been going since 94. (I sadly didn’t get to attend this year to see you receive your award!)

    Keep it going every industry needs great leadership, people from all industries need to be lead so keep the fires burning & hang in there as long as Deborah is at it :-) ..

    One of theses days its my goals to get to her spa in Mexico and BlackeBerry Farm in KY.

    All my best,


  3. Susie Ellis

    Dear Elaine,
    Thank you for your sweet note and generous words. I am sorry you weren’t able to make it to ISPA this year, but I can see you were there in spirit. The conference was inspiring as always and it was definitely a special knew for me having received this award.

    Hope our paths might cross next year!
    All best,

  4. Mark Wuttke

    Beautifully said and No doubt one of the most worthy recipients. Thank you for everything both you and Peter have done, and continue to do for the industry.

    With respect and gratitude

  5. Susie Ellis

    Thanks so much Mark. It was great seeing you at ISPA although I regret we didn’t have time to truly catch up. You looked great and so assume things are going well!

    Let us know if you get to New York – it would be great to get together.

  6. Alison Howland

    I was so delighted to hear that you are the recipient of the 2012 Visionary Award.

    Frankly, I could not think of anyone more deserving. You have contributed so much to this industry and have done so with dignity, grace and generosity of heart.

    You are a fearless leader and always demonstrating the integrity on which this industry is based.

    Thank you so much for all you do and congratulations on this most well deserved recognition!

    Wishing you Spa Success always!!!

  7. Tracy Willis

    Congratulations on your Visionary Award – it may seem odd for you but even for people like us all the way across the world, you have been an inspiration and a guiding light since I started in this industry almost 15 years ago. Since my time at the Australian Golden Door, I read your wise words that helped me develop that product further in the fledgling industry here. At Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat though it has been an honour to work with you more closely and of course share our space with you a few years back.

    The blog post was really beautiful and I just wonder whether a book might be coming from you one day. The stories and the wisdom you must have to share!?

    So Congratulations on this well deserved award

    Many many thanks for your ongoing support and the incredible news on our Crystal Award win. We are so proud to fly the Spa Finder flag here in our country

    Warmest wishes

  8. Ginny Lopis

    Hi Susie,
    Sorry we weren’t able to be there in person for your award, but we are delighted to hear that you are receiving it this year.
    Congratulations on both your well deserved recognition, and the many contributions you have made to the spa industry!

    Warmest regards,
    Ginny and John

  9. Sylvia Sepielli

    Congratulations on this well-deserved, long overdue award. You are a global icon who serves the industry with grace and determination. Thank you for lighting the way on so many fronts.
    With light and love, Sylvia

  10. Deborah Mangum-Copelli

    Thank you Susie,
    It was such a pleasure to have some time with you on Wed at Conference. And congratulations on your prestigious award at ISPA-well deserved! We love you in Australia and follow and always look forward to your trend reports.
    Many best wishes as you continue your great quests globally.

    Deborah Mangum-Copelli

  11. Deborah Szekely

    I was delighted to be able to read your presentation.

    It was beautiful, really beautifully done, and thanks for the lovely mentions of our times together. They were and are and will be wonderful.



  12. Cassandra Cavanah

    Just to say a slightly belated congratulations! Your words were beautiful, thanks for sharing. What a well deserved honour! I know how thrilled and proud you must be. And I’m sure Peter is doubly thrilled and proud! 


  13. Judith Lazarus

    Dear Susie,

    How wonderful that you are the worthy recipient of such an award. Though ISPA was a big part of my professional and personal life for a time, I haven’t been able to attend the conferences for several years now and am sorry I wasn’t there to congratulate you in person. I miss the inspiration and enthusiasm of people like you. It is heartwarming that you have carried the compassion and dedication I saw in you in the early days for the life lessons that spa life engenders. Well done. Hugs.

  14. Beverly Maloney-Fischback

    Hi Susie,

    I’m sorry I missed seeing you at ISPA – seems like you never get to see everyone!

    Congratulations Susie on this wonderful acknowledgment. It must be rewarding after spending a career supporting this industry.

    I get to NYC frequently and would love to connect at some point. I know our paths cross often, yet I feel like we have never really sat down for a chat.

    Have a great weekend.



    Beverly Maloney-Fischback
    CEO, Founder & Publisher

  15. Lynda Solien-Wolfe

    Nice seeing you at ISPA and again congratulations on your well deserved award! Hope Marshall and I can come see you soon in NYC.

    Lynda Solien-Wolfe
    Solwolfe Resource Group, Inc.
    60 Parnell Street, Merritt Island, Florida
    321-459-0133 office
    321-543-7442 cell
    Facebook: Lynda Solien-Wolfe

  16. Agnelo A. Fernandes

    Hi Susie –

    Congratulations on your award! That is amazing. I can’t believe that it was just a few weeks ago from you and soaking in your energy and ideas on Terranea.

    We are working towards being great partners and will make it happen soon.

    Let me know whenever you want to visit us.


  17. Anni Hood

    Huge congrats on receiving the ‘Visionary’ award at Ispa, there is noone more deserving, I’m so thrilled for you :)

    lots and lots of love XX

  18. Richard Woltman

    Hi Susie: Pamela told me about the prestigious industry award you received. Congratulations! She also shared your acceptance speech which sounded heartfelt, direct from your heart. Also, I was impressed with the journey from the early days at the Golden Door to the top of a growth and changing industry and business. While you briefly told me about your start, reading about it in your speech put it perspective. Such recognition as you received is a great compliment and comes by having and acquiring the “right stuff”, again congratulations! Richard–

  19. Susan Pillsbury

    Dear Susie,
    I stumbled on this site quite by accident but rather serendipitously.
    Remember me from the Golden Door…Susan Innis then. After 30 years of marriage to Andy Tompkins, a widow, Susan Pillsbury now and living in Washington DC.
    Marvellous what you are doing and such success. Many congratulations.
    You are still the gorgeous woman we were all so envious of back then but now we add admiration for all you’ve accomplished.

  20. Raul Diaz

    Hi Susie –

    My apologies for my delay in writing to you as I was away in Florida taking care of my mom….but I wanted to take this time to congratulate you (albeit slightly belated) on the ISPA Visionary Award. How exciting it must be to be embraced by your spa peers on this wonderful acknowledgment. You were always kind to me and made me feel special so I wanted to take a moment to wish you a heartfelt congratulations on this well deserved award.


    Kind regards,



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