Hot and Getting Hotter Spa Trends 2011

7 thoughts on “Hot and Getting Hotter Spa Trends 2011

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  2. Tori Paulson

    Hi Susie.

    Thank you for your feedback about top spas and the upcoming trends. I appreciate the reviews of resort spas, because it gives us insight into what the creme de la creme are doing to best serve their clientele. We have a day spa, not a full resort spa, but many of the ideas and customer services are translatable into a smaller retail format. I do have a question about how spas are incorporating one of the trends you mentioned: Would you please elaborate on how a spa would successfully incorporate kick boxing into their activities? Or have you already seen this done effectively? It seems like it would be an interesting departure from the typical.

    Thank you for your time and feedback.


    San Diego Spa

  3. Small Hot Tub

    Great post! Checking into a good spa can be tricky these days, what with so many spas trying to give the same service for cheaper, you don’t always get the level of treatment you want.

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Hi Ella,
      Couldn’t resist the opportunity to answer your question about what we base our predictions on…because it is months and months of research conducted in a variety of ways including surveys, visits to spas and a very thorough study of the available writings That is why our trends have become quite popular and have pretty much been the “go to” list for those interested in spa trend forecasting.

      And since the web and this blog in particular is very much into transparency, I can’t help but point out that the URL you included with your question is “wrapyourselfslim” indicating that you are likely a company that is selling herbal wraps. I have to conclude that your question was more for the purpose of getting a link to your website from my blog than genuine surprise that herbal wraps that have been around for years are truly a forecasted trend.

      I do appreciate that you follow my blog and like with all readers, my goal is for everyone’s experience on the blog to be one of value.


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