A Massage and Facial at Thai Privilege Spa in New York

One thought on “A Massage and Facial at Thai Privilege Spa in New York

  1. Shannon

    I visited this spa around christmas time last year when I was also 9 months pregnant. My husband was going to buy me a 1000.00 gift card for Bliss SPa in NY for some after birth pampering…but I requested that he buy my gift card here at Thai Privilege Spa. just a couple of months later when I had my baby and attempted to go for a massage after a very difficult labor the doors were closed! with NO forwarding address! I contacted and spoke with the manager on several occassions for reimbursement and was promised a refund… Anyway I still haven't received a refund nor can I get in touch with the Owner Mrs. Surangrat Chirathivat~ who appears to also be very good at taking people's money and disapprearing. what was meant to be a very luxurious pampering treatment after the birth of my first child has become a very luxurious run around & no massage later….


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