Report re European Spa Summit at Beyond Beauty Expo in Paris

5 thoughts on “Report re European Spa Summit at Beyond Beauty Expo in Paris

  1. Cassandra

    All very interesting! Marion's comments about teaching English to therapists really resonates with me. I recently toured several Tuscan spas and the experience when therapists spoke English (even a tiny bit) was measurably better. And, I'd have to agree, that probably applies to both client AND therapist.

  2. Susie Ellis

    Nice to know I peaked your interest. He is predicting that people will change in treatment rooms as disrobing in front of others is "out." My take is that this may be the case for some luxury properties however not in general.

  3. Mary

    Thanks Susie for another thought provoking posting ~

    ' the French have led the spa industry for centuries and don't need to be taught anything from foreigners. ' Hmmm…. perhaps but I think others would argue differently.

    ' "if you don't teach your staff English, they will hide." another Hmmm… I found the European non English speaking Spa Staff much more guest friendly then I do here in Asia ~ here the scripting & the fear factor of not knowing not only basic English but a handful of other languages, ie Japanese,Russian,Chinese, etc as these populations gain in Spa visits can get in the way of any meaningful exchange.

    Refreshing is how to describe your recap of the Four Seasons presentation ~ they, as a brand, always seem willing to share what they do, since ' its for the betterment of the industry as a whole'.

    and lastly, YIPPEEEEEEEEE! if Locker Rooms actually start to fade away it will be the best thing ever ~ old fashioned, crowded,lack of seating, and for so many people with 'body issues' this recalls those nasty days in the high school gyms.Yes, of course 'i get' the challenge of room turnover, lack of space, etc but surely we can re invent the experience.

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