Spa Trends 2012 Revisted: Spa Evidence – Showing the Science Behind Spa (Grade “A” for right on prediction!)

4 thoughts on “Spa Trends 2012 Revisted: Spa Evidence – Showing the Science Behind Spa (Grade “A” for right on prediction!)

  1. Mark A. McKenney

    A+ on this but now you must continuously promote @SpaEvidence so people can find it here there and everywhere on the web. I would like to suggest Wellness Ambassadors, people in the community that have expertise in the respective spa evidence therapy offered. Perhaps you can have a well known individual(s) write a short piece on why he/she believes this or that therapy is viable and scientific for spas/clinics to promote and offer as part of their wellness menu. Promoting the articles, making sure appropriate hashtags, and twitter names are used, provide for maximum ongoing visibility for all involved.
    Dallas, Texas

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Thanks Mark and I couldn’t agree more that we need to a better job of marketing this great resource. Ideally, it should be on all spas’ websites. Thanks for helping get the word out as we do need support in helping it gain more visibility. If you might be able to mention it from time to time, I know that will help. We also recently put it as a banner at the bottom of the GSWS Weekender. Any and all ideas welcome!

  2. Kay

    SpaEvidence is a much needed site. With so many treatments out there, it’s only natural to be suspicious every now and then, but on the flip side, to have evidence about the benefits of some treatments is fabulous. So glad you shared them, it’s definitely going to be a resource for me now.

  3. Valory Reed

    Hi Susie! I have followed your trends so very closely for myself and to share with the UCIrvine students over the years. Below is an article which I think so keenly upholds your blend of “spa and hospitals.” Let me know your thoughts and if you might wish to share it with your readers. I hope you are well!

    Best wishes,

    LAGUNA HILLS, CA, December 16, 2012 — Mikki Anderson has 11,128 babies. These babies are her pride and joy and keep her beaming with every pregnant woman she sees – and touches.
    This pioneering massage therapist noticed 20 years ago how moms limped, waddled, ached, and sighed. Being pregnant is hard work – and can hurt. As a trained therapist, she knew she could provide relief to these moms. Mikki embarked on an extensive, advanced training to ensure her massage relief was safe and supportive for the mom and baby; thus paving the niche of prenatal massage. Soon, she was the area expert within her spa, Stressbusters Wellness Spa in Laguna Hills, CA, and within the hospitals. Locally, Saddleback Memorial Hospital and Mission Hospital exclusively grant Mikki access on the OB and delivery floor to aid moms in need – including high risk pregnancies and her specialty, moms carrying multliple babies. When the OBs themselves are pregnant they too escape to Mikki and the skill of Stressbusters’ prenatal massage team at the area day spa.
    Mikki doesn’t have children of her own. This was by choice. Mikki and Michael Anderson, owners of Stressbusters’ Wellness, have dedicated their lives to the healing benefits that a knowledable spa team can provide. From relieving pregnant women with skilled bodywork and stress relief via rehabilitative massage to oncology massage and organic facials, the Anderson’s have impacted thousands upon thousands of people.
    Kay Kurtz, a loyal client since 1991 shared her years with SB Wellness, “I began in 1991 as it was suggested to be beneficial in treating my migraine headaches. I continue because the benefits to my general health and wellbeing are numerous. I look forward to my weekly visits.” Mikki and Kay have naturally developed a rapport after 21 years together, “My relationship with Mikki is one of caring and sharing. She was very supportive of me and aided in the healing of my body after the surgery when I was treated for melanoma. We have laughed together and cried together through our struggles and accomplishments during our growing and enriching years.”
    Tracy Williams, pregnant with triplets, exulted Mikki’s influence on her, “Mikki taught me how to sleep with multiples in my belly. She relieved my backs and hips, so I could truly rest. And, since working with Mikki, I haven’t taken Tylenol in weeks, which is a true feat while carrying three babies.”
    Mikki and Michael’s passion for healing has kept them at the forefront of natural and beneficial techniques, which now also includes clinical aromatherapy. This complementary alternative medicine can assist to eliminate insomnia, depression, nausea and pain. She is referred by both local hospitals and is in the process of launching aromatherapy on a medical surgery floor.
    Mikki has that true mother’s intuition to care and protect. With a natural ease, Mikki brushes the hair out of Tracy’s eyes while she reduces tension in Tracy’s lower back and neck. “My babies are a gift,” shared Tracy, “Mikki has made that gift and experience of carrying triplets one of health and pleasure.”
    To celebrate the holiday season and care for pregnant moms who can’t be active, on December 23rd, Mikki is giving complimentary 30-minute massages to pregnant women on bed rest at Saddleback Memorial Hospital. A mother’s work is never done.


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