Spa Trend #2: Year of the Hammam

8 thoughts on “Spa Trend #2: Year of the Hammam

  1. Cozy Petal

    I have enjoyed various Hammams around the world. One of my favorite was in Morocco. What are some of the spa products used after these treatments? Glad that this is upcoming Spa Trend. Thank you for posting this information. Cozy Petal

  2. tushar

    hey thats a good blog. this spa is the latest spa i have tries when i was in california LAlast week . Life Wellness Centre offers advanced whole body detox retreats ranging from 5 days, 10 days and 14 days.

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  5. Arzu Hancilar

    I really enjoyed reading this article that gives us very accurate information about Hammams, the ancient form of modern spa concept. Having an authentic hammam experience is not about sitting in a steam room , getting a shower following by an oily massage. It is a purifying ritual and requires authentic products. As AQUATHENTIC we are the importer/wholesaler of authentic hammam/spa products. Our product line includes kese ( authentic bath mitt for scrubbing/exfoliation) ,peshtemal ( at Aquathentic, they are called peshtowels ! ) and natural soaps. Please visit our website at
    Thank you.


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