Top Five Pedicure Tips

3 thoughts on “Top Five Pedicure Tips

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re worried about the PedEgg and sanitary issues, check out the Angelfeet pedicure file. It’s made from surgical grade stainless steel, so it’s easy to sterilize. It’s also double-sided, so you can use the coarse side to get rid of the really rough stuff, then the fine side to smooth everything out. It doesn’t use any cutting blades either, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your foot. This is my biased opinion though of course as I know a distributor of the file, but it doesn’t really hurt to check them out if you’re looking for something different than the standard PedEgg.

    You can find more information on the Angelfeet pedicure files at

  2. Taylor Parker

    I love this article! My husband got me spa passes for my birthday and I haven’t used them yet. It was the sweetest birthday present ever, but I’m such a germ freak that I keep putting it off! pedicure tubs make me wonder who else has put their feet in there. I love the short and sweet little tips that this article offers about hygiene and surety as a paying customer.


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