2012 Spa Trends Revisited: Wellness and Beauty Coaching (gets an “A”)

3 thoughts on “2012 Spa Trends Revisited: Wellness and Beauty Coaching (gets an “A”)

  1. Kathryn Stolle

    Hello Susie,

    Just a little personal feedback on your 2012 Trend #3 following up on our brief chat at ISPA, Susie. And – again – congratulations on a well-deserved award. You know I’m one of your biggest fans!

    Hope this is useful…I figure it’s always good to know how incredibly we can touch other peoples’ live in a profound way.

    Are We There Yet??

    Ideas can be life changing – we all know that. But sometimes an idea or concept can have a profound impact on not just a single life, but in a chain reaction, on a number of lives. A year ago, Susie Ellis’ 2012 Spa Trends introduced a concept/trend that would change my life forever: wellness coaching.

    Sometimes we also need to listen to our gut and combine what is going on internally with the information accessed from without. I did. As a result, I became a wellness coach, certified after six months of intense training and study with the International Coaching federation (ICF) accredited group, Well People. And it turns out that I’m a good one.

    But has wellness coaching reached the spa world? Certainly, destination spas have realized that by integrating coaches into their programs, they can provide follow-up support for clients and guests long after they have left the spa. Logically, one would expect spas with a wellness focus to follow suit. The question is whether there is enough critical mass, ie. enough of a pool of spa-oriented wellness coaches plus interested spas, to create this new niche as a bona fide occupational category alongside massage therapists, estheticians, physical trainers, nutritionists, etc., and raise real awareness within the industry. I think it’s close.

    In the meantime, we must continue to drive the wellness message both within the industry and to the consumer. Only awareness can or will create the demand. A spin off is that the role of wellness coach will become increasingly important as spa goers look for ways to enhance their health and well being outside of the spa. Working together, spas and their wellness coaches can help redefine the spa industry. See

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Richard Foxx

    Excellent, as usual.

    We have estimated that at least half of our patient interactions involve instruction, education, and what you categorize as “coaching.” My sense is that fully two thirds of new patients come in knowing little or nothing about the field of aesthetic medicine. Before I can even begin to recommend a plan of attack I have to evaluate their concerns and educate them about the art of the possible.

    Since fully half of the results we are able to achieve are dependent upon the cooperation of the wpatient after they leave the office, it is imperative we enlist their help in skin maintenance. This usually involves coaching in diet, supplements, and cosmeceutical product use.

    Speaking of which, I know you will enjoy reading about our product line that was featured in the latest issue of DESERT MAGAZINE. I have attached the PDF file for your convenience.

    Best to all of you!!

    Richard (and JoAnn)

  3. Elaine Sauer

    Totally spot on.

    One area that is a big opportunity is the coaching of technical team members, many technicians get their licensure and begin in the industry but they need business coaching to develop a practice and client base.

    Great feature as always. Wishing you a lovely holiday & hello to Pete.

    Warmest regards,

    Elaine Sauer, LE
    CIDESCO Diplomat
    M 630-546-8011


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