The Polar Vortex Hits the Spa: Cold Spa Treatments

If you’re wondering what the biggest spa trends are during the dead of winter, cold spa treatments may not be your first guess. Surprisingly enough, however, cold spa treatments are emerging at more spas than you’d think, where chilly treatments such as cooling facials or cold plunges provide spa-goers with an essential blast of stimulation and energy that is especially craved during those dragged-out winter months that sometimes leave us feeling lethargic.

Of course, spa treatments aren’t just about pure rejuvenation and relaxation. They can also have great health benefits as well! So why would spa-goers subject themselves to a cold spa treatment, you may ask? Believe it or not, cold temperatures are fabulous at preventing or even reducing skin irritation, helping to relieve aches and pains, and so much more.

If you’re interested in joining this cold treatment revolution, here are some awesome spas that offer innovative ways for you to chill out (literally!) during your next spa getaway!

Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Southampton, PA Cryotherapy Treatment

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy that involves 3 minutes of exposure to subzero temperatures ranging from -200°F to -300°F. This powerful treatment is done at Cryo Spa in their very own Cryosauna which offers a wide range of benefits, including preventing or lessening pain and inflammation, restoring hormonal balance, reduction of cellulite, and even promoting weight loss!

Cryo Spa also offers a Cryo Facial, which helps to get rid of lines and wrinkles and improve and promote a youthful skin complexion!

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong – Ice Fountain

The Ice Fountain at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong can be easily described as a human-sized ice machine. This heavenly system has crushed ice in the basin of the spa, enabling spa-goers to lather their skin with coolness in between treatments!

Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – Arctic Ice Room

If you’re looking for a full-on chilly spa experience, check out The Arctic Ice Room, where “snowflakes” smoothly fall from the spa’s faux star-studded sky. The room itself is equipped with a heated floor and benches, small fiber-optic lights, mint-infused air, a shaved-ice fountain, and over 27,000 blue glass pebbles and mosaic tiles! Talk about a winter wonderland!

Sparkling Hill Resort & Wellness Centre in Vernon, B.C. – Igloo Room and Cold Sauna

The Igloo Room (10°C) at Sparkling Hill Resort is surrounded by chilled white marble tiles and a floor that is finished off with Swarovski crystal gloss, providing a chilly spa experience. Crackling ice sounds inundate the atmosphere while peppermint and eucalyptus scents heighten the senses. The room also has a fountain which releases crushed ice. Rubbing the ice on to your skin helps to stimulate circulation and revitalize your spirit!

The Cold Sauna is considered the signature spa treatment at Sparkling Hill. This treatment is a Cryotherapy treatment, which involves spending up to three minutes in a cold, dry room set at -110°C. In this “ice box,” guests wear light clothing, socks and shoes, a protective head band, face mask and gloves, as the skin temperature drops to roughly 5°C! You can learn more about Sparkling Hill’s Cold Sauna here!

Peninsula Spa in New York City – Cryo 3R Facial

This treatment combines facial moisturizing products such as a freezer-stored serum and a refrigerated mask, with the intention of extreme skin firming and lifting! Despite the fact that this application may give off an unusual sensation at first exposure, the cold elements of the treatment are actually highly stimulating!

CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is a treatment that targets and eliminates fat cells in an easy and effective way. This FDA-cleared procedure uses a machine that freezes and kills the fat cells underneath the skin. Once crystallized, the fat cells disperse and are naturally eliminated from your body (commonly through urination). It’s as simple and pain-free as that!

Here are some spas that offer CoolSculpting treatments!

Photo courtesy of Cienega Spa 

Iovera Treatment

There’s a new plastic surgery treatment on the rise that is considered to be the next Botox, or “Frotox!” The Iovera treatment is a toxic-free wrinkle treatment and Botox alternative that sends Focused Cold Therapy to the peripheral nerves for instant pain relief!

Check out these locations which offer the Iovera treatment!

Hot-and-Cold Stone Massage Treatment

Hot-and-cold stone massages are another escalating cold spa treatment! Switching off between the hot and cold stones revitalizes the skin, promoting immense health effects by enabling the body to gain more oxygen and nutrients due to the vast temperature change.

LaStone therapy, pictured above, is the original hot-and-cold stone massage treatment.

Here are some spas that offer fabulous hot-and-cold stone massage treatments!

Photo courtesy of Sol-Spa