Start Fresh: 15 Detox Smoothie and Juice Recipes

Get those blenders ready to whip up these 15 healthy detox smoothie and juice recipes. They are great for doing a one day detoxing cleanse, for a healthy breakfast, or just as a delicious and nutritious afternoon snack!

This green smoothie contains hydrating coconut water, constipation-relieving Brazil nuts, digestion-boosting pineapple, and the plant-based protein powder, Vega One.

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Kamalaya Koh Samui also shared this delish recipe for a Coconut-Basil-Pineapple Juice. The coconut water cools and hydrates and the basil and pineapple help aid in digestion.

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Bali’s COMO Shambhala Estate shared three fantastic juices to help detox and de-stress our bodies after a hectic holiday season.

The Body Armor uses carrot, fennel, and spinach to help boost immunity. The Bloat Away uses cucumber, parsley, and pear to help… you guessed it, keep the bloat away. The Stress Reliever uses red grapes, sweet potato, ginger, and beetroot to battle stress!

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Detox your skin with this Clear Ageless Skin recipe from Miraval. It contains 170 calories and is perfect for a refreshing pre-breakfast boost of anti-aging skin benefits!

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This Mayan Breeze Smoothie recipe from Mii amo in Sedona, Arizona is great in the morning when you’re on-the-go!

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