Holiday Food and Wine: Dental Do’s & Don’ts

As Thanksgiving approaches, so do the parties, which continue on through New Year’s. The holiday season brings with it many festive gatherings filled with indulgent food — rich coffee, red wine, decadent candy, the list goes on. Even though a season of festive, irresistible treats can take its toll on your teeth, you shouldn’t feel []


Dental Spas 101

Everyone wants a great smile, and dental spas can turn that trip to the dentist into a pleasure. Dental spas offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures in a stress-free, spa-like atmosphere. The extras available (ranging from reflexology to lip rejuvenation), can make your visit to the dentist, more like a treat!


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Spa Suggestions – To Share Them or Not?

I was very impressed with Gwinganna Health Retreat in Australia. But there are always ways in which a spa can improve. Since I have been to many spas around the world and have garnered a certain amount of expertise, I have developed a sensitivity to what’s working and what’s not working. I always wrestle with []

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Mommy and Baby Spa Nirvana

Another interesting tidbit came out of our L.A. press breakfast on the topic of the latest spa trends. In addition to sharing Spa Finder’s predicted top ten spa trends of the year for the U.S. in general, I presented some specific information from the current area. We talked about the hot trend in L.A. of []