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Red Mountain Spa Event 2009

Join us October 18–21 for a special one-of-a-kind event titled “Harnessing the Power of Change” at the breathtaking Red Mountain Resort & Spa in Ivins, Utah. Hear keynote speaker Joan Lunden, the longest running host of ABC TV’s Good Morning America, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, discuss her personal road to transformation and change. Take []

Living Well

An Affordable Spa with the Biggest Loser Appeal

Before leaving Utah, I wanted to take a quick look at Fitness Ridge which was the spa featured in the USA Today article in which we were also quoted (In particular they listed our top 10 Readers’ Choice winners for Most Affordable Spas.”) The story was titled “Fit & Frugal – Affordable spa resorts promise []

Living Well

Six Senses Spas Promote Balance

Six Senses Spas has one of my favorite spa brand names and logos. I remember when I first saw one of their ads (they are well known for gorgeous photography) with the name Six Senses. It was instantly memorable because it made me wonder, “Hmmm, don’t we have five senses? What would the sixth be?” []

Living Well

Fun with Spa Brands

I have been spending the past few days doing something I absolutely love – restructuring the brand overviews on I know that others think I am a bit crazy for getting so much enjoyment out of this project, but figuring out the best way to represent spa brands is something I find genuinely exciting. []