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There are many reasons to join the Spafinder Partner Network:

  1. Over 40,000 retailers sell Spafinder Gift Cards
  2. Gift Cards are a natural "viral" marketing tool because everyone sent is a recommendation from a friend
  3. Spafinder customers who receive great service go online and give you and your business a 5-star review, which attracts more customers still
  4. Joining is easy and fast

If you haven't joined already, signup today!

If you are already a part of the Spafinder Merchant Network, here are some great ways to make the most of your membership. Use the helpful links below to answer questions or enhance your presence on Spafinder!

Get more customers when you create a FREE Spafinder Offer:

Here's how to set up your staff so that they only see what they need to in the Spafinder Merchant Dashboard:

Use Spafinder's designs to run your own advertisements:

For Spafinder partners who have earned special badges or recognition, download banners or block ad units and celebrate your success!

Adding your Point of Sale to our system is easy. Follow this simple step-by-step: