Fake Reviews on Websites – Advice for Spas

6 thoughts on “Fake Reviews on Websites – Advice for Spas

  1. Steven

    I have written a couple of reviews on SpaFinder. Sometimes, when you go back to a spa over a period of time, you identify things that should be updated in the review to keep it up to date. It would be nice if, as the author of a review, that it could be updated.

  2. cnyspagirl

    Susie – Once again, your advice is "spot on" about the importance and some of the pitfalls of online consumer reviews. This a wonderful advice for the spa owner and manager.

    On the flip side, I recently wrote an article for spa-goers on how to write an effective review:


    I think you'll find some sound advice to guide the consumer in writing a review that is fair, honest and unbiased.

    Michele Mcintyre

  3. SalonProfit

    Fake reviews seem to be a common online practice. I constantly see dubious reviews on Amazon. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious the reviews are by the author and his friends/associates. As for your interesting spa article, I am pleased to hear that people don't always get away with cheating.

  4. Anonymous

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