Detox Your Body & Mind

Are you feeling sluggish or lacking energy? A detox might be just what you need. Benefits of a detox include: clearer skin, better sleep, a flatter stomach, less toxins, reduced stress and improved digestion. Whether you choose 3 days, or 3 weeks, a detox has the power to change your eating habits and cravings.

Types of detox

Know Before You Go

While there are many benefits to undergoing a cleanse, during the actual programme you may experience difficult symptoms. During the first few days of a juice cleanse, for example, you might feel accumulated toxins releasing from your body. Achey limbs, flu-like symptoms and hunger are very common side effects. To help you persevere through the first stages of a detox, we recommend that you drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses per day), and treat yourself to an indulgent bath each night. Fill the bath with Epsom salts or a few drops of essential oils, to help draw the toxins out of your body and ease your aching limbs. Herbal teas also help. Treat yourself to a massage mid-way through or after your detox, as a way to reward yourself for your efforts. The massage will also help draw toxins out of your body.