Fit and Fabulous Spa Breaks

Fit and Healthy starts today. Activity comes in many shapes and sizes. Embrace movement, get your blood flowing, breathe in nature and simply explore the outdoors. Spa breaks combine the relaxation and tranquillity of a wellness retreat with an active element, such as yoga, zip-lining, Pilates, hiking and more. You’ll feel relaxed, energized, fit and strong.

Energize Your Next Spa Break

  • Yoga Spa Breaks

    Yoga Spa Breaks Get toned, flexible and relaxed!

    A blissful morning yoga class, followed by lunch and a spa treatment, with a meditation session to close the day. What could be better? A yoga & spa break is the ideal way to achieve fitness goals (think toned limbs and increased stamina) and find tranquillity. Sooth tired muscles with a massage or just relax by the pool!

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  • Rejuvenate in Blissful Bali

    Fitness programs at COMO Shambhala Estate

    COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali offers a “Be Well, Get Fit” wellness program combining spa treatments with personal training, wellness consultations and special fitness challenges. Motivate yourself to meet your fitness goals during the day, and relax in luxury during the tropical Balinese nights.

  • Hiking in the Aegean

    Explore Greece

    If you love hiking, why not choose a spa location surrounded by stunning terrain to explore? Greece is the perfect location: Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort in Crete is surrounded by blossoming gardens and sandy beaches, while Grand Resort Lagonissi and Arion also have abundant nature to explore.

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Transformational Spa Break Programs

Find your perfect fitness spa break. Combine the relaxation of the spa with the energizing effects of a robust yoga, Pilates, sports or fitness program! Fitness spa breaks are a great way to reach your goals, whether they be weight loss, toning the body, or kickstarting a more active lifestyle.

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