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Singapore Spa Spotlight

SpaFinder recently expanded its network by adding these two resort and hotel spas to our program, and all we have to say is dust off your passport and book some travel plans ASAP — these spas are worth a visit!

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A Spa Treatment – Five Years in the Making

Rarely do I have a spa experience these days which amazes me. But the three hour Royal Sphatika Signature Experience at the pristine clean and inviting Sphatika Spa near Columbus Circle did just that. Afterward when I spoke to owner Janet League-Katzin, and her colleague Candace Darling, I learned that they have been working to []

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This New Spa is A Sure Bet to Me

During dinner with Ian Brewis, who runs all of the Chi spas for Shangri La, we began discussing spas in Vegas and Macau. He had just come from Las Vegas where the Hong Kong-based Shangri La brand is apparently looking at possibilities for a new hotel and spa.We talked about how Asians – and especially []

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The Spa World is a Small World After All

Dinner with Ian Brewis, head of the Chi Spas from the Hong Kong-based Shangri La group, is always a lot of fun because Ian is a lot of fun. (Good thing too, since I surprised him in Shanghai by using the Shangri La website as an example during my speech on spa website design. The []

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Real Spa Community Living

I had the privilege of flying down to Greenville, South Carolina on a private plane Friday with the guys from Cliffs Communities. They have been wanting Peter and me to see their wellness communities ever since we all first met. I think it was about two years ago when I was in my office working []

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Knives and Spa Pedicure in China

On our last morning in Shanghai before heading to the airport, Nicholas was up for one more spa experience as was I, so we decided to visit one of the large foot reflexology places which Geraldine Howard (Aromatherapy Associates) had recommended, telling us that we have to have an authentic Chinese pedicure where they”wield knives”. []

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Evian Spa in Shanghai gets an A+ for Design

A visit to the Evian Spa at Three on the Bund was on my list of “must do’s” while I was in Shanghai. Not only did its opening several years ago cause quite a splash, but Alexa Brue reviewed it in the May/June issue of Luxury Spa Finder Magazine, giving it a mixed review which []

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Chinese People and Spa

Did some touring – with a car and English speaking guide (Michael) that was surprisingly reasonable and turned out to be a good investment. Not only were we able to have a quick experience of some of the famous Shanghai sites like People’s Square, French Quarter, a silk factory, and gardens, but our guide was []

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All That Glitters…Is Gold – in St. Petersburg

Well, it doesn’t get more Cinderella-like than going to a grand dinner party at The Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg. At-attention torch bearers welcomed our Virtuoso Travel group (both property reps and agents), who were all in black tie and ball gowns. We strolled through various palace rooms dripping with gold leaf and chandeliers and []

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Spa Notes from England

It feels like Spa Finder Europe Day here in the office. Kevin Turnbull, the CEO of Spa Finder Europe, is visiting and having meetings with various staff members about transporting much of the Spa Finder website and gift voucher program “across the pond” (to the UK and throughout Europe) in the upcoming year. His wife, []

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Spa China: Magazine Highlights Spa Life in China

A colleague just brought to my attention a magazine called Spa China. Since I had not seen it before, I thought it was new but found out it is actually about two years old. Naturally, it is now on my subscription list. The timing is great, because these days I hear more and more people []