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Krav Maga Self Defense Classes – Fight Like a Girl

Krav, the abbreviated term for Krav Maga (contact-combat) has caught on as a widely popular woman’s self defense.



Vitamins: Do They Really Help?

Odds are you’ve been taking vitamins since clever ads convinced your mom that Flintstone chewable multivitamins were a good way to slip you a daily dose of nutrients. But, should you–or your family– be taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis? And if you decide that you need an extra vitamin boost, there are now vitamins for almost every imaginable need.  Do any work or are they a waste of time and money? 



Beyond the Couple’s Massage

Spa treatments for him and her have come a long way from the ubiquitous couple’s massage.  We’re not implying massage treatments for couples aren’t popular–a quick search on shows 5,000+ spas offering this service–but today there are a wealth of fun, romantic and exciting spa experiences that can be enjoyed in tamden. Here are [...]



Dispelling the Fears of Pregnancy

Excited. Happy. Nervous. Scared. Having a whirlwind of emotions is normal when you are pregnant, and it’s also normal to be worried (even frightened) about the many changes you are experiencing and the new world that lies ahead.  Going through pregnancy is a life-changing event and while some of your fears may be logical,  the [...]