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Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin and reduce wrinkles. If you long for a more youthful complexion, select from a variety of anti-aging facial treatments ranging from vitamin-infused serums to light therapy and collagen facials. Spafinder helps you find the best anti-aging facial near you based on your location. You can also discover deals and offers on facials in your area.

Enlisting in an anti-aging facial treatment at your favorite spa is a good strategy for your skin care. Facials are designed to rejuvenate skin, from exfoliation (sloughing away dead, skin-dulling cells) to moisturizing to massage (improving circulation), acting together to improve skin’s texture.

An anti-aging facial is an effective preventative measure when it comes to the aging process, and is a good option if you want to skip the surgery for something less invasive. Frankincense and neroli are great natural ingredients for mature skin.

Here is an overview of various anti-aging facials that may be right for you: 

MicrodermabrasionGreat for all skin types, this popular treatment involves a blast of micro-crystals blown across the skin. Then its vacuumed out, in order to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin. No downtime is required and it is designed to reverse the signs of aging and clear up skin conditions such as acne. 

Light therapy treatments: This slightly invasive skin treatment emits high-intensity pulses of light. It penetrates the skin’s surface to help diminish fine lines, reduce pores, eliminate redness, fix broken capillaries, and more. Recovery time is not required, although initial redness may occur. 

Exfoliating facial: Exfoliating facials boost circulation, diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Even out skin tone by eliminating outer layers of skin and prompting up cell turnover. 

Collagen facial: This treatment attempts to halt the aging process by working deep within the dermis layers. This is where collagen proteins can be found. 

Glycolic acid facial: These skincare treatments utilize glycolic acid, one of a family of acids called alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) that are common in anti-aging preparations.

To learn more about facials of all types and what might be right for your skin, read Spafinder’s guide to Which Facial is Right For Your Skin? 

To find a treatment provider near you or to get more information on treatment types, click one of the Facial Services on this page.



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Get 10% off Spafinder Gift Cards & 50% off the Calm app! Sign Up For Your Spa Insider Today!