Products We Love: Natural Deodorant

So how can we stay fresh without applying ingredients we can’t pronounce to our underarm areas? Natural deodorants like Pure Pitz answer this question by making a product with all natural ingredients available for those seeking an alternative to the harsh products often found in drug stores.

Los Angeles Spa Scene

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Spotlight on the L.A. Spa Scene

Hollywood, the Lakers, Rodeo Drive, and the beach scene…the Los Angeles area is famous for these and more, and the city is receiving rave reviews as an international spa celebrity as well. This hip city practically requires a relaxed, laidback vibe, and in a place that counts movie stars among its population, an attractive appearance is essential. With its diverse offering of spa retreats, you’re sure to find an L.A. spa that you’ll give four stars.

The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Say "Happy Earth Day" with Eco-friendly Spas!

Happy Earth Day! Being environmentally aware is important to SpaFinder and is a huge part of wellness in general. How can you have internal balance and wellness if the environment around you isn’t healthy and balanced itself? In honor of Earth Day we are pleased to bring you some eco-friendly spas that have made it their goal to bring relaxation and health to spa-goers, while monitoring their carbon-footprint and environmental impact to ensure that our planet stays beautiful and balanced for future generations.

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Eco-Coach. Good Idea for Businesses, Spas, and SpaFinder!

Eco-Coach. Good Idea for Businesses, Spas, and SpaFinder!by Susie Ellis Eco-Coach. I love that name! At the end of this week, four members of the Spa Finder staff met with Anca Novacovici (pictured) and Alexandra Marchosky, the proprietors of a company called Eco-Coach. I was introduced to them by Alex von Bidder who is co-owner []