Ask Susie: De-Stressing

Question: My mind swirls with thoughts when I get on the massage table and it is hard to relax.  Any ideas? – SR Answer: Dear SR, You are not alone – it is very common for us to have our minds darting to and fro, buzzing with thoughts, when we first get to a spa []


Ask Susie: Tipping

I recently had a massage at a luxury hotel spa and knew beforehand that a 20% gratuity would be added to the bill. When settling my bill, I was asked if I would like to adjust the gratuity percentage. I felt that the 20% was a good tip and left it, however, I got the impression that they were disappointed that I didn’t increase the amount. Do high-end, luxury spas expect more than 20% tip?

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Ask Susie: What to do When Spa Treatments are Bad

QUESTION: What do you suggest I do when I have had a bad spa treatment at a spa?   ANSWER: All spas should continually strive to improve, so speaking up is important.  Here are my suggestions: 1. Tell your therapist, immediately, what would take the treatment from “bad” to “good.” Mention something to the therapist []

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In the Footsteps of Spa History – Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

In the Footsteps of Spa History – Clinique La Prairie, Switzerlandby Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider 75 years ago, Clinique La Prairie opened in Montreux, Switzerland. Professor Niehans would give clients “revitalization treatments” which were injections of fresh animal cells that were thought to “support under-functioning organs.” Later, treatments used a liver extract. These days there []

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Spa Suggestions – To Share Them or Not?

I was very impressed with Gwinganna Health Retreat in Australia. But there are always ways in which a spa can improve. Since I have been to many spas around the world and have garnered a certain amount of expertise, I have developed a sensitivity to what’s working and what’s not working. I always wrestle with []

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Husband at Spa (Spa, Belgium that is)

Just got this email from hubby who is in Brussels for a global internet conference. I reminded him that he was close to the city of Spa and that it might be worth a drive to see it. He found out it was only 90 minutes away, so off he went. Here is his email []