Editors' Picks

Seaside R&R at Elbow Beach Bermuda

The soft pink sand, warm waters, fantastic food, modern accommodations and premier spa make Elbow Beach a standout boutique hotel — the first hotel on the island’s South Shore, just minutes from happening Hamilton, the capital and heart of Bermuda.

Hilton Head Health

Living Well

The Pioneer Spas: Hilton Head Health

We love this destination’s bold, unpretentious admission: “More than a fat farm!” Indeed, this South Carolina seashore retreat has changed thousands of lives with their smartly conceived program of calorie reduction and personal attention to mind/body fitness. We salute them for their inspiration and education.


Ask Susie: Spiritual Renewal


I just turned 50 in April, and am looking for the ultimate spa/spiritual renewal trip of a lifetime, anywhere in the world, and need help choosing my destination! I’ve looked everywhere and am now more confused than ever. My ideal trip is someplace where I can spa, [enjoy] light treks and beach/mountain water activities and whatever else a trip of a lifetime can offer. I am looking anywhere between July 9-August 7 for around a two-week stay.

Spa 101

Ask Susie: Caribbean Getaway

I love the challenge of helping people find a place that meets all of their unique requests. It gives me a chance to use the neat filter feature on the SpaFinder website. I know I may a bit unusual in that I find filtering fun – it kind of reminds me of a slot machine where things are whirling and then all of a sudden it stops – and you have your answer.