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Thinking about trying yoga or changing your current practice? We’ve compiled this short glossary of the most popular types to help you choose the practice that best suits your lifestyle, wellness goals and personality. Yoga focuses on progress and change. This practice is designed to massage your internal organs daily while working through these poses. []


Soho House NYC’s Cowshed Spa Gets Its Yoga On

Staying in line with spa and wellness converging into one experience, Soho House NYC’s Cowshed Spa is now offering morning yoga classes, both in its spa relaxation room as well as on its roof (of Sex and The City fame) to members and hotel guests! We checked one of these classes out.


Yoga Workouts 101: Find Out Which Practice Suits You

There are numerous styles of yoga to suit your needs and your goals. In this “Workout 101”, we’ll get you started thinking about the kind of practice that fits your personality. Of course, experimenting with different classes and instructors is the best way to feel it out – you may be surprised to find out what works for you.


Bikram Yoga 101

Bikram Yoga can seem intimidating, but it has garnered a solid following of dedicated practitioners. Only recently has the practice become a well-known component to mainstream yoga as more and more people take up the discipline.