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Ask Susie: Best Holistic Spas

Question: Which spas in the United States do you consider the best for holistic treatments, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, etc? “ -GA Answer: Dear GA These days, many people are looking for the very things you mentioned and I can understand that you would want to look for a place with a good reputation and []


Reiki: A Healing State of Mind

Spa-nundrums by Milana Knowles Reiki. Let’s face it: It’s one of those spa treatments that make even experienced spa-goers go “Huh?” After all, there’s not even much touch involved; it is based on transference of energy. You are fully dressed, lying on the massage bed, while a therapist places his/her hands gently on your body. []

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Reiki at a Spa. Real Energy Medicine or Bunk?

Reiki. I have always found it mysterious. What is it exactly? Every explanation I have heard seems to be different. I have tried it a few times, however when faced with a choice between a wonderfully relaxing deep-tissue massage or a Reiki session, I have always opted for the massage. In Reiki there isn’t a []