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Q&A: Saltability Founder Ann Brown Talks Himalayan Salt Products

Ann Brown is all about turning salt into stone: Brown founded Saltability, a professional and retail product line dedicated to evolving Himalayan salt’s use while also reducing the spa industry’s environmental impact. Saltability’s centerpieces are the professionally utilized salt massage stones and stone warmer: The waterless, LED-powered, and energy proficient warmer features a shielded heat []

Gurney's Inn

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The Pioneer Spas: Gurney’s Inn

Just a jitney away from New York City, the spa at Gurney’s Inn has always been a SpaFinder favorite for its true passion for the ocean and its creative use of the sea in its treatments. As the only Thalasso spa in the continental U.S., we salute them for their continuous innovation.

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Salty Healing: Salt Therapy 101

That happy feeling you get at the beach and the way your nose clears up after a swim in the ocean is not just from physically  being at the shore. It’s most-likely the result of negative ions at work, which is exactly what salt therapy takes advantage of. Also called halotherapy (“halo” means salt in []


Thalassotherapy: Finding Your Inner French Girl at the Local Spa

When it comes to style and beauty, French women are known for having a certain je ne sais quoi (hello, haute couture, graceful aging, and that always effortless chic appearance).  The land that gave us Coco Chanel, Audrey Tautou, and Clemence Poesy, is also the birthplace of thalassotherapy. This tradition extols the healing and anti-aging []

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Thinking about spa and beauty in South America

This past week I have been preparing for a speech I will be giving in Monaco next Saturday at the Monaco Spa Congress. The title of my speech is A Spa Dialogue: Tracking perspectives in the Spa Industry. While I will be focusing on the spa dialogue between North America and Europe, I wanted to []

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As Promised, Baby Spas on Nightline

On Friday night, the segment on spas for babies ran on Nightline. You can watch the piece here. I thought that the cutest parts were the mention of Baby Chakra Chi and the babies playing in the noodles. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the piece, which you can share by clicking the “Comments” []