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2019 Spafinder’s Premier Spas of the West & Southwest

Our 2019 Premier West & Southwest collection includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.For those who enjoy the high desert of the mountains, whether it’s winter or summer, this list will include something that pleases. If you want to find something farther away or you need something around the corner you can always visit all of our listings at

Woman Surfing - Surfing is a Growing Wellness Trend

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Surf’s Up! The New Wave of Wellness

“Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on a safari with me.” – The Beach Boys, 1962 It’s hardly breaking news that surf culture has been established as the apex of cool. The worship of surfing “style” took off in the ‘60s when the Beach Boys harmonized about a world where “everybody’d be surfin’ []

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Hot Springs Heat Up

Bathing in hot springs may be the oldest “spa” experience in the world – dating further back than Roman times – but they are also incredibly on trend in 2014. In fact, there’s never been a hotter moment for thermal springs with more and more people seeking out this affordable, social and beneficial spa experience. []

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Healthy Hotels 2.0

Last year we explored how, after a century of hotel experiences synonymous with bacchanalian excess, more properties were on a new health kick and branding and re-branding around wellness. But the most powerful trends, like “Healthy Hotels,” are more than passing news and become megatrends, because they fulfill profound human needs. In 2014, look for []

Healthy Hotel Fitness

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Healthy Hotels

The very concepts of a “vacation” and business travel have long been associated with riotous excess: too much eating, drinking and too little sleep in the stately pleasure palace that is a hotel. This century-old model has left too many travelers less healthy when they check out than when they check in. But, with a []