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1) SpaFinder Spa Trend 2010: – Prevention – Revisited

I am busy doing research for our annual SpaFinder Top 10 Spa Trends for 2011 that I will announce this year in November.  As always, I get very excited about what is on the horizon and I think you will agree that there are some interesting developments! However, before we turn to 2011, I thought it might be fun to review each []

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Jessica Loves Cupping!

While Jessica Simpson might not be the first celeb to try cupping (see Gwyneth Paltrow at the New York premiere of Anchorman back in 2004), both she and the media sure are excited about it! While Simpson has been experimenting with cupping as part of a new physical and mental health regimen that also includes meditation and tea-sipping, the ancient Chinese art of cupping can also be incorporated into whatever wellness regimen you prefer.

Shirodhara Treatment


Spa 101: Introducing Shirodhara

Part of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, Shirodhara is the pouring of a thin, steady stream of warm, herb-infused oil onto the center of the forehead. You lie face up while the oil runs from a copper funnel that hands overhead; the therapist may move the apparatus so that the oil falls in small circles or figure eights, and the oil runs off your forehead into your hair.

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A Spa Which Has its Act Together

Our time at Canyon Ranch is coming to an end. Here is my bottom line assessment of how things went for me this visit. I had four treatments – a Cleopatra bath and massage, a Thai massage, an Ayurvedic Bindi and Shirodhara, and a Sisley Facial. All of them were absolutely excellent. In fact every []

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A peek into the future of spa medicine

I spent today going through medical tests at the WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine in La Quinta, California (near where I am vacationing and, yes, trying to resist the temptation to call my office). We met Dr. Dan Cosgrove (pictured at right), its founder, five years ago at an event here in the desert that []

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Yin of Luxury, Yang of Discount

I’m back in New York after my whirlwind trip to LA. Just a quick recap of that press breakfast and the LA Spa Expo. For the press I reviewed the top 10 spa trends for 2006 that we announced at the beginning of the year. (I decided to give them catchy names this time – []