Products We Love: VitaD Fortified™ Illuminating DUO

The first thing Celeste Hilling, CEO of Skin Authority, asked me for before explaining this revolutionary product was my ethnicity. When I responded with mostly Greek and Irish, with a side of everything else, I was quickly met with a discussion on how there is a global vitamin D deficiency. “Most people now are multi-ethnic, []


Mane Mission: Hair Nutrition

Between the extra hours in the sun and the excessive heat styling to combat frizz, summer can wreak some major havoc on our hair. Get yours in tip-top condition for fall with some of our favorite products for putting some life back in your locks.


Top 10 Eye Creams & Masks

Summer usually means instead of calling it an early night, many of us are opting for after-work runs, rooftop drinks and just the general merriment that comes from warmer weather and more hours of sunshine. With of all this added fun comes the dreaded dark circles and puffy eyes, but not anymore! We’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite eye creams & masks to send puffiness packing.