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Break the Sugar Cycle

Sugar hides in surprising places, and that means it’s easy to become addicted. Here are tips to break the sugar cycle–and ease the pain of withdrawal.



Your Summer Abs Survival Guide

Feel that? The weather is starting to warm up, and that means that bikini season is imminent! But if you’ve been spending most of the winter indulging your hygge habit (Netflix totally counts as hygge, right?), then right now, your abs are probably paying the price.



Weight-loss retreats- Eat to shed weight

Say goodbye to those pounds while getting one-on-one health coaching, training, and relaxation at a weight-loss retreat. From personal training, nutritional counseling, to week long retreats — you’ll lose weight while finding your path to well-being.


Healthy Ice cream- Pinch me please!

The Sweet Tooth Strikes again, so is there such a thing as healthy ice cream? We’re always on the lookout for ways to make the best things in life healthier without sacrificing the taste. Just on the radar are two “healthy” ice cream choices that might make a difference on  your “cheat days”. First we’ll []