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Everything You Need to Get Fit

Bally Total Fitness® has everything you need to get fit. Looking for the latest in workout equipment? BallySM has state-of-the art cardio and resistance training machines. Maybe you need a little more motivation? No problem! Bally has tons of fun, high-energy Group Exercise Classes plus Personal Trainers who can get you started on a personalized workout program and help you reach your fitness goals. Not sure where to start? Click here. You can download your free pass and try out your local Bally today.

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Champneys Spas…have Become a Formidable Spa Brand

Champneys Henlow Grange and the Spa Finder Europe office today. They are within about 15 minutes of one another. It was great to meet Sasha, Tina, Monica, and Jessica from the Spa Finder UK office, which opened last June. I finally got a chance to add faces to their names. Bright and energetic, they are []