Anticipating an Addition? Babymoon at the Spa!

Besides being Melanoma Awareness Month, May is also Pregnancy Awareness Month! Going through pregnancy is a life-changing event and from offering prenatal massage or pregnancy massage services, to babymoon or mommymoon packages, spas are becoming an ever-present part of the pregnancy process for many expecting parents. So what is a babymoon or mommymoon, you ask? []


Pregnancy Without the Pause

When I got pregnant, I was prepared for the nine-month moratorium on sushi, margaritas, and unpasteurized cheese. Modern American pregnancy, as everyone knows, comes with a long list of dietary no-nos. What I didn’t realize is that the list of spa prohibitions is just as punishing. Hot baths were a daily de-stressor, and the news that I’d have to give them up, along with saunas, steams, and a handful of spa treatments, dismayed me. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a more welcome time for any spa treatment than when your lower back and shoulders are aching from your newly recalibrated center of gravity, your feet feel fat as flippers, and your supposed pregnancy glow is mottled with new freckles.


Before the Miracle of Life…the Miracle of Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers go through enormous physical changes – weight gain, muscle tension and posture/center of gravity shifts. Prenatal massage is widely believed to hold therapeutic benefits to alleviate lower back pain and swelling. Spas like Hoboken Prenatal Massage, are tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. About prenatal massage Like []