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Workplace Wellness Grows Up

Creating a healthier work environment is far from a novel concept, its roots in Western corporate culture reaching back as far as Boeing’s pacesetting non-smoking-workplace policies of the 1980s, and the early-1970s craze for executive gyms and mandated annual physical fitness tests for upper management employees. This new mindset, pioneering in its time, was well []

Living Well

2016 Top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends

Spafinder has been affiliated with the Spa Industry and Wellness for decades. The annual Global Spa and Wellness Trends Report is a valuable resource for both industry professionals and Spa and Wellness devotees. What follows is a section by section recap of the 2016 report. “Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on a []

Living Well

2015 Top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends

The 2015 Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast is developed by a team of research analysts, editors and industry experts, and is based on ongoing surveys of the thousands of spa, wellness and beauty providers in the Spafinder Network, thousands of travel agents and hundreds of thousands of consumers—as well as interviews with industry leaders and []