A Caribbean Mom’s Solution to Soothe Her Daughter’s Skin? Create her own line! Itiba is born.

Yoki Hanley’s infant daughter inspired Itiba’s creation, and family continues to be the brand’s backbone. By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon When Frederiksted, St. Croix postal worker Yoki Hanley couldn’t find products that wouldn’t irritate her five-month-old daughter’s delicate skin, she decided to make her own. “Every time I’d bathe her she’d cry, and when I realized her []

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Caribbean’s Finest Spas in Turks and Caicos

Recent spa travels washed me up on the shores of the secret pleasure of the Caribbean: Turks and Caicos, comprising a chain of 40 islands in the British West Indies, including the developed Providenciales, home to the renowned Grace Bay, where my travel companion and I stayed. Popular with East Coasters in particular, Turks and []



Ask Susie: Spas for Singles


I have been trying to plan a vacation for myself in August and thought maybe I could find a spa-type place to go. I am a single mom (age 43), not into the typical “singles” scene, but don’t want to go somewhere there will be lots of families. I love outdoor activities (snorkeling, hiking, etc). I love fitness classes and just doing things I haven’t tried before. I like to be in a group with organized activities rather than try to go it alone. I would love to go to the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, somewhere tropical, but not too quiet and sedentary. I am not sure about Mexico at this time. I would like something economical and not looking for gaudy, just classy and fun. I would fly from Newark, NJ or in that area.”

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Ask Susie: Caribbean Getaway

I love the challenge of helping people find a place that meets all of their unique requests. It gives me a chance to use the neat filter feature on the SpaFinder website. I know I may a bit unusual in that I find filtering fun – it kind of reminds me of a slot machine where things are whirling and then all of a sudden it stops – and you have your answer.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Confessions of a Spafinder: Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Last week my husband and I took a long-overdue little vacation. It was time to decompress, so we decided to go to the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I must confess that it’s hard not to go to a spa anytime, let alone when I’m on vacation, so I talked my husband into doing a couple’s treatment. We selected the Thai Classic massage. Our experience began in the tranquil spa reception area with a delicious drink of what I think was hibiscus (or some other flower) juice. Our therapists, Aida and Jaye, greeted us and then brought us to our spa villa. Since Banyan Tree is an Asian-owned company (this is its very first property in North America), all of the therapists come from Thailand

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Dr. Carmona – From Surgeon General to the Spa World

Continuing on with our theme regarding health care… You might want to check out this morning’s article in the New York Times entitled, “Surgeon General Sees 4-Year Term as Compromised”. Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona spoke to a Congressional panel, stating that during his four year term he had felt pressure to suppress public health []

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The Caribbean, the Largest Spa in the World

“The Caribbean, the Largest Spa in the World.” I’m in the Dominican Republic, attending the second-ever Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association conference. Above is the new slogan the Association selected, which I think is terrific! Given the bright blue water that surrounds every island and the natural relaxation that results from just being in the []