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Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Extreme Beauty: Spa Edition

This, the 8th trend we identified in our list of the Top 10 SpaFinder trends for 2011, was all about the lengths people will go to (especially women) for beauty.  Rereading what we wrote a year ago, I was struck by our prediction that the use of the term “stem cell” would become huge.  How right we were.  In fact []


Going Glam at Brazil Bronze Glow Bar for Deal Days

SpaFinder Deal Days, the Wellness Week™ is in full swing and so is my week of experiencing new treatments! In the spirit of taking full advantage of the awesome savings Deal Days is bringing to my neighborhood and satisfying my inner diva, I decided to go Brazil Bronze Glow Bar for the full celebrity treatment. I wanted to try their eyelash extensions and their signature spray tan.

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Organic Spas for the Body and Mind

If you want to unwind with spa treatments that use natural ingredients like honey, lemongrass, and chocolate, then you should consider holistic and organic spas. These spas often focus on wellness offerings such as weight loss programs, services tailored to expectant moms, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, Pilates classes, and yoga instruction in addition to traditional spa services. Plus, now you can book your organic or holistic spa treatment online 24-7 at any of these spas:



Eyelashes Are the Biggest Thing In Beauty

While some of us may have wondered how it is possible that the bushy-browed Brooke Shields can need help growing eyelashes, there is no question that having full, long lashes is something desired by many women (and men too). And with demand comes a market, and in the case of eyelash elongating, a rapidly growing []