29 Best Spas for Hipsters in 5 Cities

When we saw Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters, we couldn’t help but think of the spas in these cities. So we took its top three, plus New York City and Los Angeles, two spa metropolises, and uncovered the best spas for hipsters.


What a Workout! The Bar Method

The Bar Method was founded in 2001 by Burr Leonard who had been practicing and teaching the exercises based on the Lotte Berk Method, named after the German dancer who fled the Nazis for London in the late 1930s, since 1991.  Berk created the Method by combining her ballet bar moves with rehabilitative steps required because of a back injury.  The moves resulted in improved strength and flexibility with minimal impact on the joints.  Berk’s method would later help sculpt the bodies of celebrities like Brooke Shields, Joan Collins and most recently, through Burr Leonard’s variation, Drew Barrymore!