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3 Minutes in the Cold Sauna: 6 Months of Relief?

Saunas and steam rooms are par for the spa-going course, but the cold sauna is a new spa trend — set at a temp of -166°F/-110C! Why would you want to go and do that, you ask? Our senior editor explains the staggering healthy benefits and shares her exhilarating experience at Wellness Week partner Sparkling Hill, home of North America’s first cold sauna.


5 Reasons to De-Stress with a Massage

Massage isn’t just a luxurious treat to pamper yourself; there are many other healthful reasons to get a massage on a regular basis, including the big one – stress. Since stress can translate in different ways for different people, from aches and pains, to muscle tension, to both physical and emotional exhaustion, massage can actually []


FDA Approves Botox for Chronic Migraines

If you’ve never suffered a migraine, it’s hard to appreciate what a disabling headache it can be in everyday life. But for those who do suffer from chronic migraines, there now may be some relief, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Botox injections to prevent chronic migraines in adults. Chronic migraines are []

Silk Eye Mask from Aroma Home


For beauty sleep and then some.

Have you ever woken up way too early with the sun glaring in your eyes? Or been sick at home with a splitting headache in need of a calming daytime nap? Aroma Home’s aromatherapy eye mask has become my go-to solution for any situation where I need to catch a bit of extra shut-eye or just need to close my eyes and unwind a little bit.

Shiatsu Massage

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Spa 101: Introduction to Shiatsu

The name of this massage comes from the Japanese word Shi (“finger”) and refers to the fact that it relies on slow, steady pressure rather than flowing strokes. Besides the fingers, the therapist may use her palms, elbows, knees and feet. At many spas, shiatsu is done on a floor mat and you wear loose clothes. No oil is used. If you do undress, the therapist usually keeps a sheet between her hands and your body the entire time. Classical Japanese shiatsu actually has more in common with Western massage than traditional Oriental medicine as it works primarily on the muscles and connective tissues, not chi (energy) and meridians (energy pathways).